I swear I had a mini, heck HUGE heart attack when I saw this!! IT'S TO DIE FOR!!

WOW, . . . I mean what can I say I'm completely absolutely speechless. I'm having heart palpitations, I mean . . . WOW.
Ok this may shock people (specially people who know how I worshiped The OC) but just with this six minutes I already love it more than Marissa, Seth and Co. I mean really . . .WOW.

Ok so I'm sure everyone is all "Where's Vanessa?" But I say "Good Riddance!" (there I said it) I never really liked her or Dan for that matter but now with the other Tucker playing him I do. And I'm thinking the producer got rid of her so they could have their own Ryan/Marissa, PoorGuy/RichGirl thing going on, which I love so Blair can keep Nate.

They actually fixed all the things that I didn't like in the books. Jenny now has lovely hair not an unruly brownish curly mess. And I always was totally disgusted by Rufus (the dad) and now I'm not.

And how about Blair and Serena? They look PERFECT for the part. And the clothes!!!! When they had that confrontation at the steps of the MET they look ab fab!

Ok sorry if this post is just me rambling on but I'm totally shocked, I mean . . . WOW

You Know You Love Me,


PS. How perfect was Kristen Bell as Gossip Girl? Loved her.


*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

i really want it to come out in the uk i hope it does x

Moose on the Loose said...

Oh my goodness! IT looks so amazing! can't wait for it to come out.