Who Does It Better?

Mischa and Ashley are both wearing a lovely green Juicy Couture dress with chic sandals, but . . .

Who Does It Better?
Mischa Barton
Ashley Tisdale
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I'm going with Mischa on this one, I adore that fedor-a.



Black In Black

Yes, it's true! Tell your friends, I'm back! I know, it's been way too long since I posted something but my vacations were totally crazy and my computer totally succumbed to the pressure. In other words I couldn't get a connection. But worry no more cause I'm back and better than ever. But I did have a chance to go over the couture collections and noticed some interesting trends like feathers and jewel tones, but more on those later.

Today I'm lovin' one silhouette that repeated itself in all the shows: the dramatic black dress with voluminous shoulders. Worn with feathered headdresses in Chanel, with a torero hat and red gloves at Dior or with a crown made of the model’s hair at Gaultier, the omnipresent garb never failed to impress. These striking dresses will steal all the spotlight.