Look Of The Week: Prairie Chic

Cowboys and Native Americans didn’t always have the best relationship but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate elements from both groups into your wardrobe for a look that is very now.



Thinking It Over

Yes New York Fashion Week is at full swing so why not take a breath from all that clicking at style.com and discuss other fashionable happenings?

The buffalo check craze is full on and I still have not gotten sick of it, even though I bought my fist shirt back in January after seeing the Ralph Lauren show which I loved. I gave it a rest in the summer thinking it would be somewhat stuffy in a hot day but apparently MK Olsen thought otherwise and was seen all round town in her grungy looks. Guess I’ll pull it out of the closet for another round.
Buffalo Check
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On a more controversial issue, I can’t be the only one loving Beyonce’s Etta James-inspired wig, can I? I think is so out that it is actually very in. It has a Lady Di in the 90’s vibe. It should be the new Rihanna. I’ll be waiting for a true fashionista to rock it for real in the future.
Beyonce's Wig
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W Magazine photoshoots always give something to talk about and Anne Hathaway is no exception. I think she looks so good after what she’s been trough and that is always the best revenge.
Anne's W Photoshot
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Is anyone watching the new 90210? I was kind of exited about it, but it did not deliver. Not half as juicy as Gossip Girl or The OC, it is so cliché-filled it could be qualified as a satire of teenage TV series if it was actually clever. But it isn’t. The only good thing about it is Jessica Walter’s Tabitha, basically repeating her character Lucille from Arrested Development. I’ll keep watching to see if it gets better (bad girl Naomi has a little potential) but not for long.
9021. . .
Oh Yes!
Oh No!
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