Try this

Bored? Tired of the same old routine? In need of something fresh for spring?

Try. . .

…piling your hair up in the highest chignon like Lily D. and Jessica S.

…running errands, going to breakfast or doing anything common in a sparkly vest or an intricate dress.

…going to your next party as the picture of understated elegance in pure black and only one or two knockout accessories.

…forgoing gigantic totes in favor of spring’s highly desirable mini bags.
(1. Marc Jacobs 2.&3. Topshop 4. Alexander Wang 5. Lanvin)

…wearing all your necklaces at once.



Überchic Model: Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly's flawless good looks, famous runway strut and strong personality have made her the go-to girl for attitude-filled tough editorials, sexy campaigns ads and note-worthy covers.

Off runway Natasha’s style is a little more polished than your average model. She keeps her look uncomplicated but chic with well tailored jackets, uncomplicated trousers (skinny or wide legged) and classic handbags.

Natasha (real name: Natasha Polevshchikova) has graced numerous covers but of her most celebrated Vogue ones, which one is your favorite?

Favorite Natasha P.?
Old Glamour Natasha
Leopard Crazed Natasha
Sun Kissed Natasha
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Look Of The Week: Olsen Spring

This idea for this post was born during the infamous Olsen October but as I felt it wasn't really season appropriate, I decided to wait until the time was right.

With all the layering, scarves, leathers and furs; the Olsen Look is mostly associated with the cold months but of course Mary Kate and Ashley can dress for the hotter climates with the same unique style. They favor cutoffs, gladiator sandals, huge sunglasses and, of course, iced coffee.


(all Olsen pics: olsen-files.com)