Eduard Erlikh

I’m redecorating my room and looking for überchic art for my wall I found the most amazing artist. Eduard Erlikh does the most gorgeous fashion watercolors by layering up to 20 coats of watercolor paint and the result is stunning. He’s a Russian-born New Yorker and his work has appeared in Vogue and Elle, as well as on Tiffany & Co. posters; among others. Here some of his graceful interpretations of the Couture shows and two lovely Balenciaga Spring 2007 sketches. To see more visit his web page. Enjoy!



Who Does It Better? Agyness vs. Herself

In the spring collections it-model Agyness Deyn has been sporting her signature hairstyle in a variety of colors but . . .

Who Does It Better?
Sultry Raven-Haired Miss Deyn
Classic Blond Agyness
Fun Red-Haired Aggy
Neither. When Is She Going Brunette!?
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Look Of The Week: Paris Chic

This is Über Chic's Back to School Look of the Week Extravaganza last Look of the Week and let's face it, we are already sick and tired of school. And what better way to forget about boring classes than to imagine yourself in more glamorous places and what's more glam than the city of lights? So channel your inner Parisian with a effortlessly chic look. Black is key as are slim trousers or tights . Stripes are a fun cliche but opt for a big beanie instead of the predictable beret. If you are only looking to ad little french touches to your everyday wardrobe a black turtle neck will be forever chic or choose a fun bag like Sarah Jessica Parker.

But it is best to really get into the mood so don't brush your hair for a week, listen to Coralie Clément's Bye Bye Beaute and imagine yourself window shopping at Avenue Montaigne as you enjoy citron and café macarons from Ladurée. But the most important thing is attitude, of course.



Carrie Is Back

The first photos of the Sex and the City movie are here and I'm loving them! Top Three reasons?

1. Sarah Jessica P. looks so good.
2. Not only the clothes are to die for they are in my favorite color: green!
3. How cute is that Eiffel Tower bag? (mysteriously hiding the ring hand)

Also I heard that Charlotte played by Kristin Davis is gonna be pregnant in the movie!



New York Fashion Week Spring 2008

So while we are preparing for winter New York's Fashion Week for Spring 2008 has already come and now it's over. There were a lot of great collections (one of my favorite was de la Renta) and some that were a little more controversial (Marc Jacobs anyone?). So now a little Überchic wrap up with the top trends and best looks.


Color-block Dresses

Safari Jackets

Ruby Red

Black & White Dresses

Neutrals + Bold Colors

White Spring Dresses

Tribal Prints


Jewel Tones

Evening Dresses

Dramatic Hats

Note: Concerning my last post, I already saw Gossip Girl! You can get it for free and before it premieres in the American iTunes Store! It was soooo good. The music was great; not only obscure songs but also of the moment hits. The clothes were of course fabulous and it was so fun to watch! When it was over I was like, next chapter already! Loved it.


Look of the Week: Gossip Girl

Yes, you can call me obsessed but I don't care: I'm dying for Gossip Girl to begin. The new series from The CW looks insanely good plus I'm the biggest fan of the books and if this show is only half as deliciously addictive as the bestseller novels it will be my favorite series. It premieres next week so this week Über Chic's Back to School Look of the Week Extravaganza is all about the show and it's look. In this series about old East Coast money and young It girls, fashion is of course essential to the show. The costume designer of Gossip Girl will be Eric Daman who was an assistant to Patricia Field in Sex and the City.

"I feed off of the East Coast socialites -- Tinsley Mortimer, Lydia Hearst," says Daman, a former stylist for magazines such as i-D. "They're different than the L.A. girls, more cutting-edge. They go after the up-and-coming designers, like Alexander Wang and Vena Cava. Of course, you mix that up with the bigger houses like Chanel and Ferragamo, but these debs are getting the newest stuff all the time."

He also said that he likes to blend high and low pairing an ultra-luxe Goyard bag with an inexpensive shirt from Topshop, for example. Yes Goyard! I adore their print (especially the green one)!

The girls won't be the only ones with massive wardrobes though, the guys will also be fashion plates. I made a post about the guy's clothes a while ago, remember?

So the look is very preppy (like the school skirt) but with a twist, Blair's clothes seem to be very polished and proper while Serena has been given a more rocker vibe.



Ciao Valentino!

Valentino Garavani was born on May 11, 1932 in the town of Voghera, Italy. In the 60's he started his fashion house, Valentino. His first show, in 1962 was a success, and Valentino entered the fashion world. Soon he was dressing European royalty and American socialites. Jackie Kennedy wore a white Valentino dress to her wedding with Greek millionaire Aristotle Onassis. In recent year Valentino has became synonym with red carpet style, with celebrities all around the world wearing his glamorous confections. This summer Valentino celebrated his 45 years in the fashion business with numerous star studded events.

Valentino's trademark red color, known as rosso Valentino, is a combination of 100% magenta, 100% yellow and 10% black. His dresses are always glamorous, dreamy and romantic.

This week Valentino announced that he is retiring from the fashion world. He will complete his work in January, after showing his ready-to-wear collection in Paris in October and his couture collection in January. Alessandra Facchinetti has been appointed as the fashion house's new creative director for womenswear. She has been seen for years as a rising star of Italian couture and one of its most promising talents. She previously worked at Gucci, where she took over from Tom Ford.

Here some of the best looks from his recent collections starting with his signature red dresses, stars wearing his designs, and Jackie Kennedy on her wedding day.



Who Does It Better? Olsen War!

So this is a battle for the ages. A case of total sibling rivalry. An open war! Ok maybe not but recently über chic sister Mary Kate and Ashley were seen wearing similar outfits so it was the perfect opportunity to have a little Olsen face off. Both are wearing skinny jeans and grey t's (which I'm sure they read about here). MK decided to ad Louboutins and a gold clutch. Ashley wooden wedges and a Givenchy over sized bag. To protect themselves from paparazzi's flashes Ashley wore classic aviators while Mary Kate opted for trendy Wayfarers.
I'm usually Team Ashley, but this time I'm going with Mary Kate. So . . .

Who Does It Better?
Ashley, of course
Mary Kate, all the way
I can't, I won't decide!
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Look Of The Week: Back To School - Plaid Chic

This week in Über Chic's Back to School Look of the Week Extravaganza a look that can be reproduced easily inspired by the always fashionable Olsens. Plaid can be so chic but it can also be a slippery slope: pair it with jeans and a baseball cap and you are Luke Danes! Over sized trousers and a unkempt appearance and it looks like you are going to start singing Smells Like Teen Spirit. It's better to follow Ash & MK's polished footsteps and give plaids an upgrade with skinny black jeans, elegant shoes instead of Doc Martens and for those heavy school books a oversize bag. Finish the look with Ray-Ban wayfarers and a black leather jacket or cardigan.

In other news I'm so exited to announce that I got a Rockin' Blogging Award from Miss Coco of Coco's Tea Party herself! And on my fiftieth post! The Tea Party was one of the first blogs I started reading and THE source for my celeb fashion fix. So I'm passing my award to these blogs I adore and always read:

1. The Fashion Wonder Woman Because we share a love for J.Crew.

2. Southern Shopaholic Because she was one of my first readers.

3. Mrs. Fashion Because who doesn't love hearing about her shopping adventures with Mr. Fashion?

4. Coutureholic Because Sarissa's posts always make me laugh and I love that header.

5. Please Don't Feed The Models Because the posts are always interesting.

That's it? I only get five? There are so many other blogs that I adore! Not fair!