Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere

"Nicolas Ghesquiere is the most intriguing and original designer of his generation. His collections are explorations of shape, volume and embellishment that seem totally new — yet reflect in a glancing, abstract way the style of the iconic design house that shelters him: Balenciaga." - Suzy Menkes

One of my favorite designers is Nicolas Ghesquiere, he has a unique vision about fashion and it's shapes. People know that a Ghesquiere collection can influence everyone else's - even some from the "bigger" names. In 1997 when he was only 25 years old, Nicolas was chosen to head Balenciaga, one the most influential fashion houses from the couture era that had fallen from grace after the death of founder/visionary Cristobal Balenciaga and a string of really faulty designers.

But Ghesquiere turned the brand around and made it into what of the most respected and influential brands. In 2001 The Gucci Group bought Balenciaga and Nicolas has always been positive about it as it enables him to complete his vision of making Balenciaga a global brand.

Here are some of my favorite designs from his most recent collections. From the Baroque Rockstar of Spring 2006 to his Futuristic Fembot from Spring 2007, Ghesquiere never ceases to amaze. One of his staples is the suit, always present in his collections in every form of incarnation but always with the same silhouette: cigarette trousers and fitted jackets with structured shoulders. His dresses are always dramatic and his gravity defying shoes are always gasp inducing.

Nicolas Ghesquiere may sometimes borrow from the past but mostly he chooses to show us what the future of fashion - and life - will be in the twenty first century.



Can Britney Come Back?

Britney Spears. There was a time when she was indestructible, she was on top of the world, nobody could hold a candle to her. Christina, Jessica, Mandy. They were all second fiddle to her. And then disaster  happened. K. Fed. Cheetos. Trucker hats. Red Bull. Suddenly a ray of light. She divorced Kevin. She was looking good on Letterman. Rosie poured confetti on The View. Could Britney be back? And then she sink lower, lower, lowest. The drugs. The shaved head. The clothes! But now she has a new song. I used to believe that if she did just a really good song like Grammy winning Toxic people would forget the other stuff but now I'm not sure that is enough. She needs a psychiatrist, a manager, a stylist. So listen to her new song here and decide. . .
Can Britney come back?
Yes, welcome back
Yes, but not now
No, she'll never recover
Too soon to tell
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Look Of The Week: Balenciaga Back To School

Yes, it's that time of the year again: the beach is deserted, the summer dresses in storage, the brand new books ready and the sad faces and alarm clocks ready. Yes, it’s time to go back to school. But as always there is a silver lining, two in this case: first? September’s Vogue is here with 840 pages of fashion to get you through boring economy classes. I'm so excited, I already bought mine! September’s Vogue: the only reason why September could ever resemble Christmas. And second? Über Chic’s Back to School Look of the Week Extravaganza! (Yes, that’s quite a mouthful). For the month of September the Look of the Week will be meant to resolve the question nobody can answer because it’s so damn early: what to wear today?

This week inspiration comes from my favorite fall collection from one of my favorite designers: Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere. The Look is inspired by the structured blazers and pants mixed with exotic scarves for a more international/ethnic look. I think it’s such a fresh spin in a classic look and can be fairly easy to achieve, if you have the key pieces . . . and style of course.



Irina Lazareanu

Long before Agyness Deyn was the rock&roll model of the moment Irina Lazareanu was already making headlines not only by her modeling career but by briefly dating Pete Doherthy and befriending Kate Moss. The Canadian model of Romanian decent has been called the model of the moment by Teen Vogue and fashion's favorite new muse by Vogue. She was also handpicked by Moss to be the face of Kate Moss for TopShop. August's Vogue declares her the responsible for the current craze for brow-grazing bangs seen in everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Zooey Deschanel.

"I’m very influenced by the whole 60’s-70’s London era, not only in terms of my clothes but also in terms of the music I listen to, the movies I watch, the writers I read. Those influences probably translates into my personal style in an unconscious way.” - Irina Lazareanu.


Her personal style

Some of my favorite runway looks worn by Irina

Italian Vogue Cover

Kate Moss for TopShop Ads

Model Friends


Look Of The Week: Summer Dresses

The last days of summer are upon us and with them the last chance to just wear simple dresses with chic sandals, playful wedges or white pumps. Fall is rolling in with new shapes, styles and trends so enjoy wearing red seersucker, colorful prints, sleeveless frocks and sipping iced sweet beverages by the pool/beach one last time.



Nicole Richie Greatest Hits: Maternity Edition

Well finally Nicole Richie admitted to being pregnant and now she's stepping out in the chicest maternity clothes ever. Not one to wear ugly tracksuits or trainers, Nicole prefers lovely dresses, stylish shoes and (our fave) Chanel shades; the same über chic model Ashley Olsen wore on Marie Clare. She should be an inspiration to Hollywood mothers that loose their style when they get pregnant.


(all pics just jared.com)


Look Of The Week: Grey's Anatomy

No, my look of the week is not inspired by one of my favorite shows (although maybe one day . . . Look of the Week: Scrub Chic). No, it's inspired by the neutral that is shaping up to be one of the key colors of the season. We saw grey in every runway, in every piece of clothing (and accessories) imaginable. Grey jeans are looking so chic. My favorite look is grey from head to toe with only some black shoes or white top underneath a cosy grey sweater. Or to shake thing up it goes along fabulously with bright yellow.



The Shape of Things to Come

The new shape that is emerging from all the shows is the structured jacket with high shoulders and slim waist, which I love. This controversial figure is seen with a critical eye – especially from the ones that remember the extreme shape from the 80’s. It differs because now it is worn with demure colors like black or white. It would also be a good idea to avoid gigantic jewelery, big hair and cat fights by the pool.

Only time will tell if these pieces can break back into everyday use but always-fashion-forward Ashley Olsen has already worn two magnificent forms of the new silhouette from her and MK’s line The Row. High heels seem to be a must along with a who-cares-for-stares attitude.



Mischa Barton's New Look

I love Mischa Barton but I'm not so sure about the new hair: she looks like Mary Jane Watson after a long run. However maybe if she combs her hair properly it will look better; and that dress and that hairband totally look out of place with the new shade. But I have faith that with the right hairstyle/clothes she will look as good as always. What do you think?


Who Does It Better?
Mischa's Old Curls
Mischa's New Locks
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I Had To Have It

There are somethings I've always loved: when stars play crazy (Beyonce in Ring The Alarm, Gwen in It's My Life), french ads for perfume (the little red riding hood for Chanel No. 5) and Sarah Jessica Parker. And they have all come together for SJP's new fragance Covet. Only she would break a window in chic Louboutin pumps and a dramatic Lacroix gown. Loved the music too.



Look Of The Week: Legally Blonde

Just a week ago I was in NYC and I got to see Legally Blonde The Musical. It was so funny, the songs so catchy: I loved it! So I bought the soundtrack (some of my faves are Ireland, So Much Better and of course Legally Blonde) and I saw the movie again for like the 1,132,876 time. So the look of the week is Elle Wood's signature color. Oh! and hurry to the iTunes Store because the Discovery (read = free) Download of the week is Omigod You Guys, one of the funniest/catchiest songs in the play.



Trend: Leather Jackets

It seems like everyone from models Lily D. and Gemma W. to fashion icons like Mischa B. and Ashley O. and even Kirsten D's beau are wearing rugged black leather jackets. Ashley has been know to buy Dior Homme jackets in the smallest sizes. It may be too early to start wearing them but come fall they'll be perfect with one of the big colors of the season - grey.