Look Of The Week: Colors!

I decided to start a new section in my darling blog! Yes it's my first born and I'll love it for it. So each week I'm gonna share a look inspired by anything and everything. This week my inspiration was the cover for Sophie Ellis-Bextor's Trip The Light Fantastic (those lips! those eyes!), the 80's tinted songs (early fave? China Heart) and then other 80's inspired stuff like the video for Hellogoodbye's Here (In Your Arms). So it's summer and with summer it's always great to use überbright colors. Of course if you are a little afraid to look like a technicolor disaster, I recommend just one or two pieces worn with skinny jeans and white wayfarers.



Gossip Guys

Yes it's finally here! I know you've been holding your breath with anticipation and you can finally let it out. Well I saw a darling post at darling's Southern Shopaholic's Blog with outfits for each of the Gossip Girl girls and I decided to do the same for the boys. I based my choices on both the books (Chuck's monkey) and on the TV series (like most of Dan's clothes because if I had based it on the book all there would have been would be dirty jeans and black ts). Hope you love it,


PS. Of course you can click on them to see them bigger.


Summer Lovin'

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and with that the unofficial start of summer! So I made a little something, something which I hope everyone enjoys! What do you think?


Mischa Barton: Greatest Hits

I adore Mischa Barton. She is so beautiful, so fun and has such style! When I went to LA for spring break I was sooo hoping I would run into her. But she wasn't at Fred Segal or the US for that matter, she was in London! Aw well our paths will cross some other time I hope. I still can't get over Marissa dying in The OC, call me dramatic but I wore black to school the next day. As for her outfits she is such a risk taker when it comes to fashion,she isn't afraid to make people stare or comment. And now I will comment. Bellow some of my favorite looks, as well as some that were highly controversial. But as I always say: If you don't make mistakes, were do you learn from?


The Best
Looking darling in Dior

One of my favorite favorite dresses

Clubbin' in Chloe

Tres, tres chic in the city with her dog Ziggy

The NotSoGood
The Controversial High Jeans

The Belt/Skirt

The Mickey Mouse Skirt


Chanel Resort Collection

Karl Lagerfeld presented the Chanel Resort Collection and it was totally over the top. This year Karl used a Santa Monica plane hangar as the setting for his jet-setting collection. Guests like Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham, Mary Kate & Ashley watched as two Challenger 601 jets arrived and the models spilled out into the catwalk, the first of which was Raquel Zimmermann a navy jumpsuit with stripes at the cuffs.

As the decade that still rules fashion, the 60's were represented here in outfits that looked ready to take flight, but we also saw some 70's inspired outfits and headwear. We saw a lot of black and white (obviously) and colors that weren't specially summery like army green but done in a great way. I really liked it, but not as much as Dior Resort. What I really loved was that black & white stripped dress, uberChanel, uberFrench, uberChic.


Some of my favorite looks are:



I swear I had a mini, heck HUGE heart attack when I saw this!! IT'S TO DIE FOR!!

WOW, . . . I mean what can I say I'm completely absolutely speechless. I'm having heart palpitations, I mean . . . WOW.
Ok this may shock people (specially people who know how I worshiped The OC) but just with this six minutes I already love it more than Marissa, Seth and Co. I mean really . . .WOW.

Ok so I'm sure everyone is all "Where's Vanessa?" But I say "Good Riddance!" (there I said it) I never really liked her or Dan for that matter but now with the other Tucker playing him I do. And I'm thinking the producer got rid of her so they could have their own Ryan/Marissa, PoorGuy/RichGirl thing going on, which I love so Blair can keep Nate.

They actually fixed all the things that I didn't like in the books. Jenny now has lovely hair not an unruly brownish curly mess. And I always was totally disgusted by Rufus (the dad) and now I'm not.

And how about Blair and Serena? They look PERFECT for the part. And the clothes!!!! When they had that confrontation at the steps of the MET they look ab fab!

Ok sorry if this post is just me rambling on but I'm totally shocked, I mean . . . WOW

You Know You Love Me,


PS. How perfect was Kristen Bell as Gossip Girl? Loved her.

Coco Chanel: The Movie Part Deux

Another day, another Coco Chanel movie in the works. This one, called Coco & Igor, will tell the story of the stormy affair between the fabulous designer and composer Igor Stravinsky. The director, William Friedkin, said that his film takes place in 1913, at the time that Stravinsky's ballet, "The Rite of Spring" opened as a catastrophic failure and Chanel's perfume, Chanel No. 5, had become an enormous success - uh that mustn’t have gone pretty well over supper.

Now what you have all been wondering: Who's playing the darling designer? This time it’s French actress Marina Hands, who won the best actress award at this year's French Oscars: the Césars.



Fergie Ferg's New Vid

Today we bring you Fergie's new video Big Girls Don't Cry. The song is very mellow, very different from her other songs - but in a good way. We were surprised to see that her onscreen beau is Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes and Gilmore Girls all ghetto'd (is that a word?) up. And Fergie is rocking a very Kate Moss-ish look complete with Pete Doherty's hat and sporting the controversial high jeans but making them look good not like that Jessica Simpson nightmare inducing episode.



Dior Resort

Recently John Galliano presented the Dior Resort Collection and it was fabulous, the resort collections are really becoming more and more important and this one was spectacular. We saw a lot of shiny color, metallics still rule and a very 60's beach babe look. I adored the hats and the exotic prints and the jewels that were worn like headbands. Bellow some of my favorite looks.


I have always loved green & pink together for summer - it is so fresh


Coco Chanel: The Movie

Variety just announced that Audrey Tautou is going to play the legendary fashion designer in a $15 million biopic. Isn't it great? Imagine the clothes! The movie will focus in her childhood and early womanhood before she became famous. Can't wait!



Wham Bam Thank You Stam

At first I didn't even know her name but I was taken by that ferocious red hair, ice cold blue eyes and defiant attitude. Since I first saw her in that BCBG ad I have always followed Jessica Stam and loved her more each season. Now a lovely shade of blonde that looks fabulous with those baby blues I was sooooo delighted to see her in the Vogue cover that'll make history.

Here are some of my favorites looks worn by Stam (who originally wanted to be a dentist) in recent years.

The one that started it all. Jessica Stam for BCBG.

The Marc Jacobs Stam bag (inspired by her of course) is so perfect for winter - can't you just picture it with the softest white cashmere and a steamy Starbucks cappuccino?

I adore grey and that fur hat is to die for! Michael Kors.

One of my favorite looks from Balmain Fall 2007 (yes the broad shoulders are back).

I'm not a big Versace fan but I love this 60's international woman of mystery outfit.

In the cover of Italian Vogue, when are we going to see her alone in US Vogue? She deserves it!


Gossip Girl Update

Well today I'm sad/happy. It turns out my favorite TV detective Veronica Mars is leaving Neptune for good. That's the sad part, the happy part is that she is heading to New York and keeping her habit of keeping tabs on everyone as the mysterious Gossip Girl.

Yes the lovely Kristen Bell is going to be the narrator of what is shaping up to be THE new show to watch: Gossip Girl. I have never been so excited about a show, I sure hope it delivers or I will be so disappointed.

You Know You Love Me




A long long time ago I started reading the most deliciously addictive book series EVER: Gossip Girl. It feauters the darlings and backstabbers of the Upper East Side of New York and I absolutely ADORE it. Blair Waldorf is one of my favorite characters of all time and just the titles alone are genius (my fave? All I Want Is Everything).

So when I heard that they were going to make a movie with Lindsay Lohan as Blair I said: Uh? But that was dropped and now we have a series! I died when I heard this and when I learned that Josh Schwartz was involved I was so far gone my family ordered a tombstone. But now all is well and I have this fabulous photo to share with you! I specially love Blair -far left - she seems as vicious as ever!
Can't Wait!

You Know You Love Me



Like We Need Another Reason To Worship Vogue

The fashion bible's latest issue has one of the best covers in years! It features the ten new models that could (and should) be super models. The models are wearing white shirts and dresses from The Gap designed by the top three designers of the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Awards: Thakoon, Doo.Ri and Rodarte; and exquisite skirts by the likes of Oscar de la Renta, Giambattista Bali and Carolina Herrera.

At first I was a little sad when I didn't spot one of my favorite models Jessica Stam on the cover but then all was well when I realized it was a foldout and there she was with a darling porcelain-blue long skirt by Carolina Herrera. I'm so excited by this cover! I wish that more models would appear on the cover instead of celebrities. Like the brilliant article on the inside says, the fashion world needs its own superstars.

To pick a favorite outfit would be an impossible feat, I loved all the shades of blue, but if I absolutely had to choose it would be Raquel Zimmermann (in the right ladder with a capri-blue evening skirt); the way they styled the white dress is fabulous.

Go buy one for everyone you know!


Gwen's New Vid

We have the new video for Gwen Stefani's 4 In The Morning, one of the best songs from her album The Sweet Escape. We hope that the new single is Yummy because that song is poppin' (it's poppin'? it's poppin'! . . . sorry having a Lil' Mama Moment).

Best Look: We like the shirt-dress but we love the shirt and tie outfit, so chic!



Top Model Graces Topshop

My favourite favourite London shop TOPSHOP had an idea: why not have someone famous design a collection for us? EVERYONE is doing it: Target, Gap, H&M, Reebok, etc...

But then they had an even better idea: Why not Kate Moss? A total style icon and queen of London fashion- just as Topshop. It's a match made in heaven if there ever was one.

But then Kate had the best idea ever: why not model the clothes herself at a display window come opening day? A superb scheme! Of course it was packed up to here but nobody cared. And after seeing Moss the fans could go, in turns, to buy the clothes – but only five per costumer.

The 90-piece collection will make its debut next week at one of my favorite american stores next week: Barneys New York. We'll see how that goes.


Kelly Clarkson's New Vid

I must admit that I wasn't crazy about Kelly's new song Never Again but I did like the video. And although I'm not that sure if she can pull off the whole 80's white suit and earrings she gets points for trying. What do you think?