Look Of The Week: Accessorize It Red

Add a little holiday cheer to your black ensembles with a playful splash of red. Gossip It Girls as well as Kate and Nicole know just a tad of crimson against a dark background can go a long way.



Greatest Hits: Rachel Bilson

It seems like Rachel Bilson’s work has finally seen the light. After months of just seeing her going to film something or just hanging around LA she has finally hit the small screen (who didn’t love her as Lou on NBC’s Chuck? or at least her outfits?) and the big screen (her upcoming movie Jumper). So it’s time to have a closer look at Ms. Bilson’s wardrobe. Rachel is an expert in laid back chic, preferring boot cut over skinny jeans and slouchy boots but always wearing the right accessories be it a Chanel scarf or bag or stylish shades.

Immediately below my two favorite outfits from Rachel: dressed down, she looks so good in high-waist jeans (unlike ahem Mischa) and dressed up she looks gorgeous is Chanel.

Then some red-carpet looks, her every day style and her famous friends. And to top it all off a The OC edition of Who Wore It Best? Yes the photos are a bit old (those crazy summer days) but I could not resist having Coop and Sum fight it out.


Who Does It Better?
Rachel Bilson
Mischa Barton
Can't Decide!
They both suck
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Look Of The Week: Stripes

Stripes were everywhere this year. The fall, resort and spring collections couldn't get enough of them. Layering T’s, umbrellas, dresses, jackets, even earrings. I love them all over but especially just peeking out from under a coat/jacket/whatever so you have a striped sleeve à la Proenza Schouler Resort.



Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler's safari-inspired spring collection was one of the most talked about at New York's Fashion Week. It was called outstanding and of the best from the brand's short but impressive history. The design duo signed a lucrative deal with the Valentino Fashion Group that allowed them to work with the finest materials like feathers from Lemarié, the Paris go to supplier for couture feathers.

Proenza Schouler was founded by Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough in 2002 and it has already gained a strong fashion following. They met while studying at Parsons School of Design. During school, Hernandez interned at Michael Kors and McCollough interned at Marc Jacobs. For their thesis project they partnered and called the effort by theirs mothers' maiden names, Proenza Schouler, and fashion history was made.

The look is American-sporty with a youthful touch. Cinched waists, tailored jackets and body conscious pieces are always reinterpreted and given new life in a Proenza Schouler collection.

Bellow some of their most recent collections as well as some of their most devoted fans.