Greatest Hits: Julianne Moore

Forget Demi Moore my favorite lady of a certain age in Hollywood is Julianne Moore. She knows simplicity is key when showing of that gorgeous hair. She also shows how black can be anything but basic/boring and she picks the most darling dresses for the red carpet.



Look Of The Week: Dior Resort

Like in last year's Dior Resort Collection, this season John Galliano's muse prefers to spend the hot summer months in breezy fabrics, colorful prints and a 60's inspired silhouette. Unlike last year, the Dior woman has decided to ad a little south of the border flavor with contrasting shades, statement jewelry and even sombreros in bright hues. A look that is fiesta ready.



The Next Gossip Girl?

With the success of Gossip Girl, in both books and TV, people are trying to capture lighting in a bottle again. The CW has announced a new show for fall called Surviving The Filthy Rich based on Zoey Dean's How To Teach Filthy Rich Girls about a "smart" woman that is hired to instruct two (you've guessed it) filthy rich seventeen year old twins.

And of course those that knew Blair, Serena, et al. before the rest of the world, know how that story ended and how Gossip Girl promised to stick around for the next generation of books.

Enter the Carlyle triplets, fresh from Nantucket into my most beloved character's old apartment and poised to become the standard for Upper East Side bitchiness, scandal and, of course, gossip.

Will they succeed?


PS. I cannot believe it has already been a year since I first posted about the Coco Chanel biopic. And now the poster is here and I must admit, Audrey's look is a little more masculine than I would have guessed but I'm still looking forward for what will surely be one the fashion movies of the decade.


We Could Be Heroes Just For One Night

Yesterday's Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy Gala at the Met was a little underwhelming for my taste, there were some outfits that took flight but most were relegated to sidekick status. There were also some disappointments (I'm looking at you Rachel Bilson, especially that hair). And obviously no one told the Olsens that with great fashion power comes great responsibility.

I was just thinking of Plum Sykes the other day, wondering: when will she write again? (If you haven’t read Bergdorf Blondes or The Debutante Divorcee go read them now). And there she is in a gorgeous (albeit not Superheroish) gown. One of my best dressed.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley were also not very in theme, but I forgive them for looking glam and yesterday’s extra juicy Gossip Girl.

So what did you think?


Who Was Your Fashion Superhero?
Anna Wintour
Amber Valletta
Caroline Trentini
Lake Bell
Naomi Watts
Michelle Trachtenberg
Christina Ricci
Thandie Newton
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PS. Someone should have told poor Piper Perabo that Poiret was last year's theme.


Agyness The Singer

In case your were getting a little tired of Agyness Deyn The Model, here comes Agyness Deyn The Singer. Agy collaborated with New York band Five O' Clock Heroes in "Who". I find it so weird to hear models talk let alone sing, but I think that Agy actually pulls it off. And she looks very good, must admit. Love that leather jacket. So what do you thing of Miss Deyn second carer?


Whatever Should Agyness Do?
Stick With Modeling
Sing Her Heart Out
Get Off My Face
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Get Ready

True fashionistas know the fashion event of the year isn't the Oscars but the Costume Institute Gala. Last year's brought us one of the best dresses of the year and this year promises to be truly fabulous, with the theme Superheroes: Fashion And Fantasy how couldn't it be?

Diane von Furstenberg has designed custom dresses for Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen, who will attend as her guests. The event will be hosted by Anna Wintour with Giorgio Armani, George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

The most exiting red carpet of the year is on Monday.

So are you ready?