Shhhh Don't Tell

Well it's rumored that Britney (like you need a last name) is going to do some "secret" surprise performances in Southern California next week!! She is performing under the code name The M+Ms at the House Of Blues venues in San Diego, Anaheim and LA.

Ummmm is it time for a delicious comeback?



Rihanna's new video Umbrella was just released and of course we have it here for you!

We see that she's going for a new sound and can't wait to hear it when her new album Good Girl Gone Bad (hope she's not talking about the singing) debuts.The song is not nearly as catchy as S.O.S. (or Pon de Replay or If It's Loving That You Want for that matter) but we think it will grow on you.

Plus Jay-Z is in the video and we adore the golden tie and Posh-inspired bob cut, so we have high hopes for this vid.


Must C 1234

I've always loved Feist, her version of Inside & Out is one of my favorite songs of all time, and now she has released a color explosion of a video.

You may know her from her hit song Mushaboom but that song is out and 1234 is so in, it's hard not to dance around or at least clap your hands we you listen to it.


Magneto Gets Spinoff

I have always like the X-Men movies even if Mystique was featured so little in The Last Stand. But we can forgive and be happy by this:

Twentieth Century Fox has teamed up with Marvel to begin production on the second planned X-Men spinoff, this time focusing on the supervillain played by Ian McKellen.

What's the first X-Men spinoff you ask? It's Wolverine with Hugh Jackman. In this version Ian McKellen won't play a big part if any for the movie will focus on younger Magneto and happier times when he was friends with Charlie Xavier and surviving Auschwitz.

We so hope the next spinoff if for Mystique!



Do You Like This?

Ok this may be starting to look like a Destiny's Child video blog, but we absolutely had to put this here! We love Kelly, we love Eve, we love that gold dress and we love this video! Enjoy Like This By Kelly Rowland



Pure Purple Rumors

I heard that Shakira is rocking an interesting hair color for her new video Pure Intuition. The color is purple and the video most likely will be released with the DVD of her latest tour.
You heard it here first. . .

Must C Video

So it begins. . . Beyoncé released a video anthology a couple of weeks ago but among the new videos the clear standout is Get Me Bodied. Why is it so good? There are a lot of reasons, among them the outfits, the dances but must of all the reunion of sorts for Destiny's Child! Oh have we missed those days. . .

So I hope you like it as much as I do and practice all the dance moves in front of your mirror at night.



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