Look Of The Week: Vampire Chic

Vampires have always been the most fashionable of mythical creatures. They are elegant, have good taste, always wear black and only go out at night. To achieve their immortal style opt for polished dark pieces with a touch of Victorian white and top it all off with a blood red lip.

Modern vampires or those inspired by them, like MK Olsen back in the day, ad a little rock edge to their looks with leather and an undead up all night attitude. For a more dramatic effect, don’t ever let the sun touch you.



Celebrity Makeovers

Sometimes celebrities need some help with their awful choices. Ellen Pompeo takes her need for comfort to an uncomfortably disastrous level, Ashley Tisdale does Pilates dressed like a 22 year old college frat boy and Mariah Carey looks like a waitress from the local hooters.

Why not show your presidential support with a subtle button, Ellen? Why don’t you turn to Stella McCartney’s Adidas line next time you exercise Ashley? Mariah, how about you try some tasteful dresses next time you go out in public?

Here some helpful suggestions.



Who Does It Better?

Purple mini dresses, cinched waists, black wide belts, black stilettos, even the same pose. Lindsay and Blake look very much alike but . . .

Who Does It Better?
Lindsay Lohan
Blake Lively
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Look Of The Week: The OC

California here we come . . .

Ooohh I wish, but my travels are finally over and I’m back. And although I didn't post anything while I was away I did keep reading your kind comments and visiting my favorite fashion blogs. Every time I get back from a summer trip I always feel like the season has ended already and it's time to pull my fall looks out of the closet. So to keep the summer vibe alive I've been watching The OC and do I miss it; even the later episodes with Taylor and Marissa's sister. Actually the only person that I do not miss (and the cause I almost stopped watching altogether) is Johnny, gosh he was annoying. Is it wrong that I cheered when he went over that cliff?

Anyway the show was really fashion oriented and the style was California Chic at its best. Some sartorial highlights were the funky flats Marissa had to wear so she wouldn’t tower over the rest of cast, the gargantuan Chanel tote she used as a backpack for school in the early seasons and Summer's colorful outfits that always were perfect for her namesake season.

When not dazzling with gorgeous gowns for all of the parties that they attended (personal favorites are the dress Marissa wore to Caleb's Christmas party in the first season and her Chanel prom dress), Coop and Summ knew that you need nothing more than an attractive top, long necklaces and a statement bag to make simple jeans look Newport Beach-ready.