The Überchic Awards: Best

It’s time to continue voting for the Überchic Awards, now for the major categories. But first let’s just acknowledge that Suri Cruise is the most stylish toddler and nobody else can hold a candle to her. Looking back I realized this year was kind of boring as far a red carpet dresses go, there was no Mary Kate on Lily et cie or any equivalent in my eyes. Still there were some standouts so vote vote vote.

Best Dress

Best Dress
Jennifer Garner
Anne Hathaway
Marion Cotillard
Cameron Diaz
Christina Ricci
Linda Evangelista
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Best Short Dress

Best Short Dress
Natalie Portaman
Kate Bosworth
Gwyneth Paltrow
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Best Trend

Best Trend
Rock Chic at Balmain
Plaid at Ralph Lauren
Goth at Givenchy
Boho at Gucci
Lace at Prada
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Designer of the Year

Designer of the Year
Marc Jacobs
Karl Lagerfeld
Nicolas Ghesquiere
Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (Proenza Schouler)
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Worst of the year
I have nothing against Jessica Zhohr, I think she is really pretty and has some style in real life. But Vanessa in Gossip Girl is the worst! Her outfits are a complete mess and she is a complete annoyance. Also I have nothing against Paris Hilton, I don’t hate her like most people, but on the cover of NYLON? Really? I don’t think that’s a good fit. And the new 90210 was a complete disappointment, it did not live up to the hype. It sucks.

Worst of the Year
Vanessa on GG
Paris Hilton for NYLON
The new 90210
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Best Olsen

Best Olsen
Mary Kate
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Überchic Fashion Icon

Uberchic Fashion Icon of the Year
Nicole Richie
Zooey Deschanel
Chloe Sevigny
Lou Doillon
Rachel Bilson
Kate Bosworth
Mary Kate and Ashley
Katie Holmes
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So that’s it for voting categories. I will announce the winners in the first days of January as I’m leaving for a little holiday break. And of course I’m ready for the plane.

Happy holidays!



The Überchic Awards: GGTV

Really is there any other show right now as good as Gossip Girl? Didn’t think so, so let’s just give it the Überchic TV Show title and get it over with.

Still you can vote for your favorite characters, couples (real/imaginary) and moments of the juiciest hour of TV.

Best Gossip Guy

Best Gossip Guy
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Best Gossip Girl

Best Gossip Girl
Queen B
Lil J
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Best Couple

Best Couple
Blair and Chuck
Blair and Nate
Nate and Serena
Nate and Vanessa
Nate and Jenny
Serena and Dan
Dan and Vanessa
Chuck and Vanessa
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Best Guest Bad Girl
While Georgina and Agnes was causing trouble in the UES, there were other it girls or former it-girls (that’s you Lohan) spicing it up on other shows. But which one was the baddest?

Best Guest Bad Girl
Willa Holland
Mary Kate Olsen
Lindsay Lohan
Michelle Trachtenberg
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Best Moment
Of all the outrageous moments, these stand out and will be remebered forever.

Best Moment
Serena stares down Dan
Catfight: Blair vs Serena
Blair uses her charms to get back at always annoying Vanessa
Anything Blair. Really she owns it
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The Second Annual Überchic Awards

Yes! They are back and better than ever. With the year ending it is time to look back at the best and the worst. So vote, vote and keep coming back for more categories.


Best Vogue
Every Vogue is unique, with a different perspective, style and point of view. But which one is at the top?

Best Vogue
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My personal fave is Paris Vogue

Best Editor in Chief & Daughter

Best Editor in Chief and Daughter
Carine Roitfeld and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld
Anna Wintour and Bee Schaffer
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Best Supermodel Comeback
They ruled the fashion world in the early nineties but slowly retired (well except for Naomi). Now they are back with amazing covers and important ad campaigns.

Best Supermodel Comeback
Naomi Campbell
Linda Evangelista
Claudia Schiffer
Christy Turlington
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Überchic Model of the Year

Uberchic Model of the Year
Agyness Deyn
Raquel Zimmerman
Lily Donaldson
Sasha Pivovarova
Natasha Poly
Coco Rocha
Daria Werbowy
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Look Of The Week: Pile It On

Sometimes you just wanna blend in, be understated. But sometimes you want to make a statement, be different. Why wear only one piece of plaid or sequins if you can wear five at a time? Dare to be unusual and pile it on.



Überchic Model: Hyoni Kang

Asian models are hard to find and none are as happening right now as Hyoni Kang. The Korean Ford Super Model of the World is such a breath of fresh air and I hope to see her even more in the future.



Look Of The Week: Rock Star

You don’t need to play any instrument to have a rockin’ good look that says “I’m with the band”




Yes, that is me in all my fake-paparazzi-avoiding glory. I decided to start November with a little post about what I’ll be wearing in the coming winter months, mainly because I’ve never done a menswear post and because it was useful/fun for me.

First I did a little mood board of what has inspired me lately. Mostly it was the Noir Complet feature on Paris Vogue, I loved it, black head to toe is always chic. The Olsens of course can do no wrong in my eyes; I specially love how they wear plaid and big sweaters. Speaking of big sweaters and playing with proportions in menswear, Christopher Bailey always manages to do so masterfully at Burberry Prorsum; I would order every piece from his Spring09 collection, starting with the hats. I’ve always said that Nicolas Ghesquiere is my favorite designer and his menswear at Balenciaga is just as futuristic and inventive as the female counterpart. The Sartorialist did a Chanel menswear photo shot, and it was a great idea, especially since it is completely overlooked. I also appreciated it because I own a pair of Chanel sunglasses and some people don’t seem to get it. And I like to mix some preppy/scholar details into my wardrobe and of course nobody does it better that Gossip Girl.

My Necessities
Some of my wardrobe key pieces: My favorite blazer is a vintage black one I got last spring. It has only one button and fits perfectly. It’s the one I’m wearing in the pic, but you can’t really distinguish much. I have a pile of black cardigans in all shapes and sizes; they just go with everything. Fingerless gloves are my passion and I live in sunglasses, never have enough.

APC is a label that I am very keen on. I got this t-shirt this summer in Paris and it is already starting to fray; I wear it so much. I must confess I don’t have the skull and bones shoes just yet, but they are in my Christmas wish list.

I got that Gap sweater a few sizes up so it’d be extra cozy. Toms shoes are so comfortable and stylish at the same time I have them in black and grey: couldn’t make up my mind. I’m obsessed with Patrick Robinson redesigned simple T’s, they fit perfectly! I got four black ones, two whites and two grey ones and want more.
And I was never a leather jacket kind of guy but I have now two perfect ones: a vintage find that is incredibly current and an impulse TopMan purchase that also fits like a glove. And I prefer to wear both with black sneakers, a grey cardigan and some scarf.



I Got You Babe

The controversial (to some) Olsen October has come to an end and I’m kind of sad because it was such a fun month/project. And I really loved my Olsen header.

Mary Kate & Ashley are my true favorites and fashion icons and I had the best time looking through thousands of their pictures and making all the mood boards, collages and posts.

So to keep the Olsen spirit alive in Überchic, from now on I will feature in the sidebar Olsen Watch with their latest trendsetting looks.

And for this post I’ll leave you with pictures of MK & Ash together because, really, what would one be without the other?


“It’s not the usual thing for celebrities of any age to actually have style, personal style, that is unique and individual and achieved on their own. But the Olsens, love it or hate it, do have style; they have it in buckets. While they have stopped with the corny matching outfits, their looks have developed as jarring mirror images of one another; they still exist in a little world of two. But there are subtle differences: Mary-Kate might wear ten kooky rings, Ashley just two or three.

Their signature look mixes Edie Beale with Balenciaga, Johnny Depp, and John Galliano. They don’t wear clothes that are conspicuously slutty or sexy or easy to predict. Even though supermarket tabloids condemn them to worst-dressed lists, fashion people are obsessed with their arms-open embrace of the industry’s avant-garde. They experiment with proportion and silhouette. They mix vintage and new, labels and non. They’ve raised accessorizing to a form of high, glamorous art. If the Olsens’ style resembles anyone at all, it’s not Lindsay Lohan or Mandy Moore or any of their other presumptive peers—they dress like sittings editors at French Vogue.”

Amy Larocca
New York Magazine

(almost all Olsen October pics were from Olsen-files.com the best site for Olsen lovers like myself)


Influence Is Out Today!

So what are you doing reading this? You should be in your way to the bookstore! Or if you already have it you should be reading that instead!

Still reading? Well since I can’t persuade you here are some new Olsen Treats.

Mary Kate & Ashley Rock The Front Row

What’s Mine Is Yours

While they are obviously not sharing their studded Christian Louboutins, there are certain items that have gone from Mary Kate to Ashley and vice versa.

Even if they have different styles Mary Kate has said: “If I sleep over at my sister’s, I can definitely get dressed from her closet in the morning.”

Mary Kate & Ashley Drive In Style

Well that’s it for today because I am rushing to my nearest bookstore!