Influence Is Out Today!

So what are you doing reading this? You should be in your way to the bookstore! Or if you already have it you should be reading that instead!

Still reading? Well since I can’t persuade you here are some new Olsen Treats.

Mary Kate & Ashley Rock The Front Row

What’s Mine Is Yours

While they are obviously not sharing their studded Christian Louboutins, there are certain items that have gone from Mary Kate to Ashley and vice versa.

Even if they have different styles Mary Kate has said: “If I sleep over at my sister’s, I can definitely get dressed from her closet in the morning.”

Mary Kate & Ashley Drive In Style

Well that’s it for today because I am rushing to my nearest bookstore!



Anonymous said...

Are you gonna post about something/somebody else any time soon? Because all that Olsen thing became really very boring and I totally used to love this blog!!

Pamy Rangel said...

I love MK and Ash.. keep writing about them!
i added u as a favorite !

The Socialite said...

I am so very tempted to buy that book. I'm broke and debating. But I think I may just give in....;)

coco said...

I don't think this comes out in the UK until Nov, which sucks. I want it now!!!

Anonymous said...

If she/he totally used to love this blog, she/he would have read that it was only for a month! I for one love the Olsen October, great job!

The Clothes Horse said...

Ahhh! I need this book.
Ooh, Anonymous sounds angry. Maybe they should write your blog for you. ;)

A-Lister said...

I totally think the Olsens rock the fashion world,so...HATERS go write your own blog and stop bugging Chris! I love everything he has to say so get out! And if it makes you so bored to read, why comment? dont lose your precious time!!!!

keep up the great writing!! :)

Kat said...

ashley looks so pretty on the book cover.
ah that's sweet that they share stuff, imagine though if your sister was an olsen twin, i think i would fully avail too of her closet!

Sunniva said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, it means a lot :)

I just love your Olsen posts so much, they're fab! I can't wait to get my hands on Influence, but I think that it will be a while until it comes out here :(

Gosh, the Olsens have such amazing style!

iñaki said...

Fab post! I love trying to figure out whether they have two pieces or actually share the one.
I can't wait to have the book but it won't come out in the UK until November!!! I think I'll buy it off Amazon!!


Carolina Lange said...

It hasn't come out here yet, but as soon as it gets here I'll go and get mine!
Great post!

The Stiletto Effect said...

I'm so buying that book, but unfortunately i don't know when it will come out in my country. I'm waiting to buy from amazon uk, next november!