Überchic Presents: Olsen October

In an era when the title gets thrown around too easily Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are true fashion icons. They are individuals who don’t follow trends but have unique style, never caring about what people might think, dressing for themselves and no one else.

So while we wait and hold our breath for the release of their fist book Influence, this month will be dedicated exclusively to MK and Ash and their style. With polls, retrospectives and how to’s, it will be a very busy and exiting month.

And remember; every time you have a sartorial dilemma, ask yourself what I always ask myself: What would the Olsens do?



Lindsay said...

ohh yay how exciting I loove the Olsens!

iñaki said...

This was awesome!
Iñaki loves überchic + the olsens! And he's marrying Ashley!