“She’s funny, sexy, she’s perfect” - Tom Ford

“I like her coquettish attitude, I like the way she dresses, I like the mood she creates” - Karl Lagerfeld

“She breaks the rules, which is always really admirable” - Marc Jacobs

“She is completely the epitome of what a French elegant woman that likes fashion is” - Mario Testino

Get her look . . .


Look of the Week: Toughen Up!

This spring is not for the faint hearted. . .



Überchic Movie: Grease

I’m back after weeks of agonizing over the future of my computer. Figures it would completely shut down three days into New York Fashion Week. So I spent time thinking of new post ideas and poring over style.com, as everyone else, to check the fall collections. Faves? Balenciaga, of course, Balmain, Burberry Prorsum, Gareth Pugh and Lanvin. But thankfully it fully recovered and I can post again.

Grease has it all: music, dancing, high school students that look older than Serena and Blair (or even Dorota). And of course fashion: Pink Ladies and T-Birds jackets, saddle shoes, leather man cardigans, converse… need I go on?

Of course Sandy’s transformation from geeky to slutty is well documented but my personal favorite has always been bad girl Rizzo. As she steps out of her car in a black shirt dress, gigantic black sunglasses and Pink Lady jacket (collar up, of course) a true fashion rebel is born.

Grease is the word,