The Accessories of Kate Lanphear

Studs. Chains. Spikes. Skulls. Diamonds. Black. Leather. Lanphear.


(most images from jakandjil.com)


Überchic Presents: Lanphear September

Kate Lanphear is a master at monochromatic dressing, an expert at accessorizing, a specialist at simple yet chic clothing and an all around fashion icon.

That’s why Überchic will be devoting the rest of September to the platinum haired editrix’s style.

Washington D.C. native Lanphear has worked at Vogue Australia and Harper’s Bazaar but is now the Style Editor at US Elle where she never fails to deliver the magazine’s best content.

This week we look at how Lanphear excels at sticking to the gray scale, with only the occasional touch of denim or plaid, without once looking anything less than spectacular.


“My style is really Pot Luck. Whatever has just come back from the dry-cleaner."

For even more on this month’s fashion icon visit Part Deux and come back next week for a closer look at Lanphear’s exquisite accessory collection.