The Fall Of Marc Jacobs

I have been watching in horror Marc Jacob's transformation for bona fide fashion designer to wannabe Hollywood d-list celebrity. Who would have guessed that getting clean would have caused the downward spiral, it is usually the other way around. The tacky tattoo of himself, the awful costume he wore to his Arabian style party, Kevin Federline at his fashion show, meeting perez hilton (who lamely thinks he discovered Agy Deyn and innocently believes she's brand new). It is truly awful. But Marc really hit an all time low when he flew to LA to go to perez hilton's birthday party. Are you serious? Other "celebrities" in attendance included Heidi Montag, Spencer Bratt and Victoria Recano  (whoever she is). The saddest part is that people like Khloe Kardashian get paid to attend that kind of event, but Marc obviously doesn't need the money so ... he actually wanted to be there.

There is an upside to this sad story and that is that his designs continue to amaze. At least for now. I just bought a few fun somethings at a Marc by Marc Jacobs store which I love love but I really wondered if maybe his design team is really responsible for all the great stuff and he just puts his name on it.



Look Of Spring: Florals + Patent Leather

You first saw them here and here and now with March comes spring and with spring come the florals and with the florals come the dread you'll look like a five year old. So don't be a shy daisy and toughen up the season must print with some rockin' patent leather. Remember this look isn't for wallflowers.