New York Fashion Week Spring 2008

So while we are preparing for winter New York's Fashion Week for Spring 2008 has already come and now it's over. There were a lot of great collections (one of my favorite was de la Renta) and some that were a little more controversial (Marc Jacobs anyone?). So now a little Überchic wrap up with the top trends and best looks.


Color-block Dresses

Safari Jackets

Ruby Red

Black & White Dresses

Neutrals + Bold Colors

White Spring Dresses

Tribal Prints


Jewel Tones

Evening Dresses

Dramatic Hats

Note: Concerning my last post, I already saw Gossip Girl! You can get it for free and before it premieres in the American iTunes Store! It was soooo good. The music was great; not only obscure songs but also of the moment hits. The clothes were of course fabulous and it was so fun to watch! When it was over I was like, next chapter already! Loved it.


Filó said...

LOve the post and the tribal prints are fabs!! Now London, LOndon, Londoooooon!!

Jennifer said...

Love the tribal prints
and those marc jacobs shoes are wild!

Carolina Lange said...

Great post! Love the white dresses and the tribal prints!

Libertygirl said...

Really useful! Thank you! ( I missed NYFW this season as I was shooting a campaign in England. The usual dilemma: money vs enjoyment!) xx

Romeika said...

Very good summarizing of the shows! There was so many colours, indeed, i think those neutral tons and those on the first collage are my fav.


Trendini said...

loving the tribal prints...not so sure how I feel about the hats tho...fabulous summary!

Francisca said...

How did you saw it on itunes store ? I can't find it :S And will just arrive here in Portugal in centuries to come....BAHHHHHHHH! Love the blog...by the way.

Anonymous said...

I still can not get over that marc jacons shoe, so completely unexpected in the true sense not the overuse fashion sense of the word unexpected. You should read house of gucci so we can discuss together!

penelope said...

love love spring and its trends!! owell. cept for the hats. haha! the jewel colors are so loverly!!!!

love the suri pic u posted too.. man. how i wish i haf a lil sister to dress up too!!!

love the post!

LML said...

thanks for stopping by m blog - i love yours! and what an amazing post - i love you summed it all up

i saw the free gossip girl this weekend too - very juicy - its become one of my new faves :)

Bella said...

OMG....you saw gossip girl!!! I am SOOO excited to see it tomorow, and im really glad its good, i was afraid it might be crap...omg YAY!!!! and i love ruby red...so pretty...

Sarissa Carlsson said...
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The Stiletto Effect said...

amazing post :)

Black and white Dresses and Tribal Prints are my favs

Allure said...

Wow you have a great eye to spot all those trends.

discothequechic said...

wow, so how eye candy!

I loved the MJ slips, his collection really surprised me actually, I thought it was great.

S xx

coco said...

you make the BEST collages ever!
seriously i love them
all these looks are amazing
and I've onyl seen 10 mins of gossip girl and I'm worrying its not going to be good
I want it to be EXACTLY like the books hahaha

dianabobar said...

great post! can't wait for next summer!

Fabi said...

this post is awesome!! I loove summaries and this one is perfect! I'm linking you by the way =)