Look Of The Week: Back To School - Plaid Chic

This week in Über Chic's Back to School Look of the Week Extravaganza a look that can be reproduced easily inspired by the always fashionable Olsens. Plaid can be so chic but it can also be a slippery slope: pair it with jeans and a baseball cap and you are Luke Danes! Over sized trousers and a unkempt appearance and it looks like you are going to start singing Smells Like Teen Spirit. It's better to follow Ash & MK's polished footsteps and give plaids an upgrade with skinny black jeans, elegant shoes instead of Doc Martens and for those heavy school books a oversize bag. Finish the look with Ray-Ban wayfarers and a black leather jacket or cardigan.

In other news I'm so exited to announce that I got a Rockin' Blogging Award from Miss Coco of Coco's Tea Party herself! And on my fiftieth post! The Tea Party was one of the first blogs I started reading and THE source for my celeb fashion fix. So I'm passing my award to these blogs I adore and always read:

1. The Fashion Wonder Woman Because we share a love for J.Crew.

2. Southern Shopaholic Because she was one of my first readers.

3. Mrs. Fashion Because who doesn't love hearing about her shopping adventures with Mr. Fashion?

4. Coutureholic Because Sarissa's posts always make me laugh and I love that header.

5. Please Don't Feed The Models Because the posts are always interesting.

That's it? I only get five? There are so many other blogs that I adore! Not fair!



Carolina Lange said...

I love plaid shirts! The look is great!

alluretone said...

i HAVE to have that Givenchy bag. it's so beautiful!

Aisha said...

Hey =)

Nice post. Plaid shirts rock. I'm working on a plaid post too =), it will be up soon =).
Love your site!

penelope said...

plaid!!!! haha!!! the shoes are fab!!!!

anyhow thanks for d comment(: really. haha! great to know it's original=p haha! i'm a sucker for originality(:


Filó said...

Congretulations for the Rockin' Blogging Award!
The Olsen's are amazing, and i especialy like Mary-Kate style.
LOve the post!!!kISSES

Sarissa Carlsson said...
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emsie said...

I do love plaid. I really like the whole oversized shirt/leggings look a la the olsen twins.

thanks for the comment,
great blog - i've linked you


Mrs Fashion said...

Thank you so much!

Mrs Fashion said...

Um, quick question - how do I get the code? Please let me know!

coco said...

i love the plaid shirts and the olsens of course rock it better than anyone in the world
is this really only your 15th post? my my my its amazing already i can only imagine it will get better

Romeika said...

Great style tips! I think plaids are just so great, especially on shirts..

re:Audrey is just so wonderful!

YSLfashionista said...

Thank you! I'm glad they helped!

Bella said...

Plaid plaid plaid plaid plaid....i love it...thats why i wrote it 5 times...:)))

Mariana :) said...

Me encantó el collage...
Y felicidades por el Rockin' Blogging Award,

Juliet said...

i got the same feling when i had to name just 5 :D

juliet xxx