Trend: Leather Jackets

It seems like everyone from models Lily D. and Gemma W. to fashion icons like Mischa B. and Ashley O. and even Kirsten D's beau are wearing rugged black leather jackets. Ashley has been know to buy Dior Homme jackets in the smallest sizes. It may be too early to start wearing them but come fall they'll be perfect with one of the big colors of the season - grey.



coco said...

how hard is it to find a decent leather jacket that doesnt cost as much as a boob job???
the answer is very! i am searching and searching
love the collage by the way
x x x

C* said...

Hi! You've been at my blog and are very welcome!
Love the leather jackets, my posts are in portuguese by, tell you, one of them is about one leather Jacket I "stole"from my father and is fixing to be mine, when it's ready i'll post.

javieth said...

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Motorcycle Jackets said...

Perfect leather jacket wore by super models I can say simply.

Motorcycle Leather Jacket said...

Wow! what a nice collection of the leather jackets. I have never saw before. thumbs uppppppppppppp.

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Atif said...

WOW!!!Such A lovely pictures....

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