Can Britney Come Back?

Britney Spears. There was a time when she was indestructible, she was on top of the world, nobody could hold a candle to her. Christina, Jessica, Mandy. They were all second fiddle to her. And then disaster  happened. K. Fed. Cheetos. Trucker hats. Red Bull. Suddenly a ray of light. She divorced Kevin. She was looking good on Letterman. Rosie poured confetti on The View. Could Britney be back? And then she sink lower, lower, lowest. The drugs. The shaved head. The clothes! But now she has a new song. I used to believe that if she did just a really good song like Grammy winning Toxic people would forget the other stuff but now I'm not sure that is enough. She needs a psychiatrist, a manager, a stylist. So listen to her new song here and decide. . .
Can Britney come back?
Yes, welcome back
Yes, but not now
No, she'll never recover
Too soon to tell
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penelope said...

she used to be such a sweetheart. and now.. everything's gg dwnhill. she's even gna be charged wif child neglect!!!! or smt liddat.
i hope she'll come back. but i think... it's best for her to move out of the spotlight and everthing.. i feel for her children!

Moose on the Loose said...

Hmmmm.... I don't think I see a Britney comeback. I see a try-to-come-back, but not one with a big following. I think Britney is just so lost. Every time you see a pic of her you think "what is wrong with this girl?" I mean, the shaving her head, and K-Fed, it's basically screwed her public image for me, and possibly for the rest of the world. Right now, I think it would be better if she stopped trying to be famous, and focus on raising her children!

Anonymous said...

I am pulling for her, I think its growing up with her and all, I have a soft spot. I want to see her recover and do well. Get it together girl! Also many celebs have kids and a career, look at Angelina Jolie.