Look Of The Week: Legally Blonde

Just a week ago I was in NYC and I got to see Legally Blonde The Musical. It was so funny, the songs so catchy: I loved it! So I bought the soundtrack (some of my faves are Ireland, So Much Better and of course Legally Blonde) and I saw the movie again for like the 1,132,876 time. So the look of the week is Elle Wood's signature color. Oh! and hurry to the iTunes Store because the Discovery (read = free) Download of the week is Omigod You Guys, one of the funniest/catchiest songs in the play.



Bella said...

I LOVE Legally Blonde...lawyer and fashion plate all in one? :)))

coco said...

hahahah fun pics
its nice too see a lot of pink
i love the film it was one of the first films i watched about 80 times i think
x x x

pili said...

Omigod! I love pink! great post! I loved absolutely everything!! Legally Blonde is a great great movie!! Pink is just perfect!
see ya!

-ciao bella- said...

haha love this post, i love legally blonde- it actually made me want to be a lawyer for a while... well not anymore obviously

Emma said...

I kind of shamefully wanted to see that.

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