The Überchic Awards: Best

It’s time to continue voting for the Überchic Awards, now for the major categories. But first let’s just acknowledge that Suri Cruise is the most stylish toddler and nobody else can hold a candle to her. Looking back I realized this year was kind of boring as far a red carpet dresses go, there was no Mary Kate on Lily et cie or any equivalent in my eyes. Still there were some standouts so vote vote vote.

Best Dress

Best Dress
Jennifer Garner
Anne Hathaway
Marion Cotillard
Cameron Diaz
Christina Ricci
Linda Evangelista
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Best Short Dress

Best Short Dress
Natalie Portaman
Kate Bosworth
Gwyneth Paltrow
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Best Trend

Best Trend
Rock Chic at Balmain
Plaid at Ralph Lauren
Goth at Givenchy
Boho at Gucci
Lace at Prada
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Designer of the Year

Designer of the Year
Marc Jacobs
Karl Lagerfeld
Nicolas Ghesquiere
Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez (Proenza Schouler)
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Worst of the year
I have nothing against Jessica Zhohr, I think she is really pretty and has some style in real life. But Vanessa in Gossip Girl is the worst! Her outfits are a complete mess and she is a complete annoyance. Also I have nothing against Paris Hilton, I don’t hate her like most people, but on the cover of NYLON? Really? I don’t think that’s a good fit. And the new 90210 was a complete disappointment, it did not live up to the hype. It sucks.

Worst of the Year
Vanessa on GG
Paris Hilton for NYLON
The new 90210
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Best Olsen

Best Olsen
Mary Kate
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Überchic Fashion Icon

Uberchic Fashion Icon of the Year
Nicole Richie
Zooey Deschanel
Chloe Sevigny
Lou Doillon
Rachel Bilson
Kate Bosworth
Mary Kate and Ashley
Katie Holmes
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So that’s it for voting categories. I will announce the winners in the first days of January as I’m leaving for a little holiday break. And of course I’m ready for the plane.

Happy holidays!



Mimi said...

Love, love, love your blog! Thanks for the comment! I'd love to have you at one of my parties! We'd definitely discuss some fashion mishaps, icons, and everything else in between.

xo xo

MR style said...

i vote for the tom cruise daughter !! she's so so so fab !!

The Stiletto Effect said...

I love these posts (love to vote) :D

Suri is adorable;
Best dress - Jennifer;
Best short dress - Gwyneth Paltrow;
Best Trend - ALL??? :P (ok rock chic and goth at least);
Designer of the year - Nicolas Ghesquiere and I'm adding Christophe Decarnin to the list :P
Worst of the Year - Vanessa;
Best Olsen - Ashley;
Überchic Fashion Icon - Rachel Bilson :D

Happy holidays C.


iñaki said...

When I become a fashion editor, I'll plan my year around these awards.

Happy Holidays!


coco said...

Why is Ashley not winning? And it is looking pretty tight in the best designer voting. I'm excited to see who wins.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

such a cool post

best dress - marion, christina and eva I can't decide between them

short dress - Kate bosworth

best trend - Plaid and lace

Designer of the year - Karl lagerfeld

worst this year? paris hilton in Nylon, what does that girl know about good fashion?!

best olsen: mary kate, because ashley has been hiding out most of the year.

Icon? Hard to pick...nicole has always been a top for me with keira and zoe kravitz

enc said...

That was a fun roundup, and the polls were great, Cris! Thanks for taking the time to do it. :D

The Socialite said...

The Olsen's - I voted and it's 50%/50% - I wonder who will come out on top?!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. Red is so fun to accent your look, especially during the holidays! :)

My votes..
Jennifer Garner
Kate Bosworth
Proenza Schouler
Vanessa (but only when on GG)
Tie- Nicole & Kate!


deep_in_vogue said...

fun, fun post! christina ricci is my top pick!

dapper kid said...

Haha so much fun, wonderful post! And Suri is totally in a class of her own.

Susanna-Cole said...

In case your curious, here's who/what my votes were for...

Best Dress: Jennifer Garner
Best Short Dress: Rihanna
Best Trend: Rock Chic @ Balmain (Um, love love LOVE that collection)
Designer of the Year: Not sure, because I don't usually follow designers that much.
Worst Of The Year: Paris Hilton for NYLON
Best Olsen: Ashely
Unber Chic Fashion Icon...: Hm, TOUGH choice! But I voted, Chloe Sevigny. ;)

Hope you have a great holiday break/trip! <3


The Clothes Horse said...

I had the hardest time voting for "worst of the year" they were all so terrible!

Bella said...

Love these voting posts, but admit it was a toss-up on a few.

Happy holidays... have a great break.



Carolina Lange said...

Love this post!
Here are my votes:
Best Dress - Jennifer Garner
Best Short Dress- Natalie Portaman
Best Trend - Rock Chic at Balmain
Designer of the Year - Nicolas Ghesquier
Worst of the year - Vanessa on GG
Best Olsen - Mary Kate
Überchic Fashion Icon - Mary Kate and Ashley


ahh suri is precious isnt she?
i can see her being a fashionista in the near? (already there?) future. and hopefully not rehab!
anywas love your blog
especailly your month long dedication to the olsens, ive made my friend get me their book (ashleys cover - favourite) christmas cant come sooner!.
much love
im going to link you if you dont mind?

Anonymous said...

aww suri is def the most fashionable toddler! I'm jealous.

Pamy Rangel said...

Amo tanto tu blog, aparte esto de los premios me ha hecho reir mucho! jaja todo lo mejor en las fiestas y el proximo año!

Demi said...

it was tough!
I freakin love zooey deschanel, marc jacobs and balmain!!

iñaki said...

Happy Christmas mate! ;)


Mimi said...

This post is awesome and so much fun.

Love your blog!

Steph said...

Love your blog, especially your uberchic awards!

All of the categories are great, especially the 'Worst of the year'one, which I think all its nominees are deserving ;)

xoxo steph

penelope said...

LOVE your blog!! And all these polls!

atelier said...

If there is an icon, that is Chloé

Anonymous said...

Coco Rocha is blogging now. ohsococo.blogspot.com.

brooke said...

definitely, definitely agree with suri cruise. the child is amazing!! or maybe, katie's sense of style for her kid is... but we'll credit the kid instead :)