Magneto Gets Spinoff

I have always like the X-Men movies even if Mystique was featured so little in The Last Stand. But we can forgive and be happy by this:

Twentieth Century Fox has teamed up with Marvel to begin production on the second planned X-Men spinoff, this time focusing on the supervillain played by Ian McKellen.

What's the first X-Men spinoff you ask? It's Wolverine with Hugh Jackman. In this version Ian McKellen won't play a big part if any for the movie will focus on younger Magneto and happier times when he was friends with Charlie Xavier and surviving Auschwitz.

We so hope the next spinoff if for Mystique!


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Lorena V. (Goldfinger) said...


I'm a little sceptical about these. Both spinoffs could be either turn out to be a disaster or a very good movie. It depends on who is going to direct them and who gets involved.

Both Wolverine and Magneto have interesting backgrounds and it would be cool to see if these spinoffs could provide a good insight into two of the most beloved Marvel characters.