Agyness The Singer

In case your were getting a little tired of Agyness Deyn The Model, here comes Agyness Deyn The Singer. Agy collaborated with New York band Five O' Clock Heroes in "Who". I find it so weird to hear models talk let alone sing, but I think that Agy actually pulls it off. And she looks very good, must admit. Love that leather jacket. So what do you thing of Miss Deyn second carer?


Whatever Should Agyness Do?
Stick With Modeling
Sing Her Heart Out
Get Off My Face
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Bella said...

just found your blog. So lovely! :)

coco said...

On first listen I am not liking this at all. She looks pretty in the video but other than that there isn't much to say.
Also I am thinking of doing some menswear, so hopefully that will be on in the future.
What did you think of last night at the MET?
xx x x

Elisabeth said...

She looks gorgeous but I am not sold with her voice...

Imelda Matt said...

hmmmm...it's questionable!

Danz said...

I think she sounds pretty good actually. She's a better model/singer than Kate Moss and Tyra Banks for sure.

taffy. said...

I really enjoy your blog!
Um, yeah, so now you're linked :)