A long long time ago I started reading the most deliciously addictive book series EVER: Gossip Girl. It feauters the darlings and backstabbers of the Upper East Side of New York and I absolutely ADORE it. Blair Waldorf is one of my favorite characters of all time and just the titles alone are genius (my fave? All I Want Is Everything).

So when I heard that they were going to make a movie with Lindsay Lohan as Blair I said: Uh? But that was dropped and now we have a series! I died when I heard this and when I learned that Josh Schwartz was involved I was so far gone my family ordered a tombstone. But now all is well and I have this fabulous photo to share with you! I specially love Blair -far left - she seems as vicious as ever!
Can't Wait!

You Know You Love Me



coco said...

omg this is so exciting
i love the serena
but that is not at all how i see blair (ok i see her as me but anyways...)
shes supossed to look more like audrey
oh god i cannot wait for this
i thought it would be better on tv than as a film

Loca por las Compras said...

That book, has a spanish edition? As a fashionist I need to know ;)

Cris Lazoru said...

I agree she does not look like Audrey but maybe that's a good thing because really she can't be replaced. And I wonder: where's Vanessa?

And I don't know if there is spanish edition, but there should: Chica Chismosa!