Gossip Guys

Yes it's finally here! I know you've been holding your breath with anticipation and you can finally let it out. Well I saw a darling post at darling's Southern Shopaholic's Blog with outfits for each of the Gossip Girl girls and I decided to do the same for the boys. I based my choices on both the books (Chuck's monkey) and on the TV series (like most of Dan's clothes because if I had based it on the book all there would have been would be dirty jeans and black ts). Hope you love it,


PS. Of course you can click on them to see them bigger.


sarissa said...

oh my god, what a brilliant beyond brilliant (yep, took that from a 12-year-old lindsay lohan in the wonderful Parent Trap) idea to do collages of clothes for the Gossip Girl characters (HOW EXCITED AM I???!!)
and oh my god, the sandwiches and chips (or crisps as i know them) are FREAKIN amazing!!!! not even kidding, i travel around A LOT (im not a gypsy tho) and every time, we go there and i get my routine roast chicken and sweetcure bacon on wholegrain breat with no mayo NO LETTUCE (i hate veg) and dijon mustard and a trillion packs of crisps, how weird is that? except in all honesty the vast majjy of this country can't really afford it- i'm not saying 'oh but I can' but marks is SO expensive.. but so worth it.. their underwear's good as well although some of the clothes are not exactly de mode

love ya! x

rollergirl said...

I'm loving that ring on Chuck's page...

-ciao bella- said...

absolutely fabulous post. great job! and god- maybe the tv show's stylist should call you or something because you are right on with every single one of those outfits. ahhmazing.

coco said...

i adore nates look
this was a fab idea
i totally adore your blog, every post is amazing
and i know what you mean about mischa v nicole
i choose to love them both equally like children
x x x

Hill said...

way cool! love love loved it! i'd tap that.

blushing apples said...

i love the oufits you put for each character.. oh and thanks for visiting... just curious how did you come across my blog!

Susana Daily said...

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your blog is very cool :) congrats :)
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