Mischa Barton: Greatest Hits

I adore Mischa Barton. She is so beautiful, so fun and has such style! When I went to LA for spring break I was sooo hoping I would run into her. But she wasn't at Fred Segal or the US for that matter, she was in London! Aw well our paths will cross some other time I hope. I still can't get over Marissa dying in The OC, call me dramatic but I wore black to school the next day. As for her outfits she is such a risk taker when it comes to fashion,she isn't afraid to make people stare or comment. And now I will comment. Bellow some of my favorite looks, as well as some that were highly controversial. But as I always say: If you don't make mistakes, were do you learn from?


The Best
Looking darling in Dior

One of my favorite favorite dresses

Clubbin' in Chloe

Tres, tres chic in the city with her dog Ziggy

The NotSoGood
The Controversial High Jeans

The Belt/Skirt

The Mickey Mouse Skirt


-ciao bella- said...

yeah I like mischa a lot too- i was eating dinner in london on spring break a few months ago and she was eating there too. it was pretty cool. but anyways- i adore her style.

sarissa said...

oh my god, shes my icon, she seems to look good in everything!! anyway, i just randomly found your blog and it appears to be quite uncanny the way our profiles almost mirror!!! your blog's hot, want to exchange links? its already one of my faves!!! sarissa x

Andrea said...

that second dress is gorgeous.

i wish i could wear that.

love ya c!

rollergirl said...

Oh boy, those jeans STINK! Mischa what were you thinking?

blushing apples said...

mischa is great... i love her style

lluviaschick said...

I like her style but she has changed a lot... i think she overused chloe dresses (which I hate) but she always comes with new ideas... althought the influence of Rachel Zoe (someone that I hate too) is really high

.m. said...

i really don't see how people see her as a fashion icon, i dunno, i just don't get it

Viagra Online said...

She's beautiful... I love that girl, specially in the second picture, with those rare pants... who cares about her dress, we just care about her body.

pharmacy said...

A gorgeous and beautiful woman for sure, in this shots she shows how great she can be with almost anything she wears.