Gossip Girl Update

Well today I'm sad/happy. It turns out my favorite TV detective Veronica Mars is leaving Neptune for good. That's the sad part, the happy part is that she is heading to New York and keeping her habit of keeping tabs on everyone as the mysterious Gossip Girl.

Yes the lovely Kristen Bell is going to be the narrator of what is shaping up to be THE new show to watch: Gossip Girl. I have never been so excited about a show, I sure hope it delivers or I will be so disappointed.

You Know You Love Me


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Fashionistakay said...

Very sad, I can't say I watched Veronica Mars form the beginning but I totally plan to one of these days. But when I did start watching I LOVED it. I'm excited to know whats going to hapen in the season finale.
p.s.I'm glad I'll still be able to see Kirsten on a new show.