Black In Black

Yes, it's true! Tell your friends, I'm back! I know, it's been way too long since I posted something but my vacations were totally crazy and my computer totally succumbed to the pressure. In other words I couldn't get a connection. But worry no more cause I'm back and better than ever. But I did have a chance to go over the couture collections and noticed some interesting trends like feathers and jewel tones, but more on those later.

Today I'm lovin' one silhouette that repeated itself in all the shows: the dramatic black dress with voluminous shoulders. Worn with feathered headdresses in Chanel, with a torero hat and red gloves at Dior or with a crown made of the model’s hair at Gaultier, the omnipresent garb never failed to impress. These striking dresses will steal all the spotlight.



Allure said...

Yay! Black, it's chic and safe.

I liked the Chanel show, but it seemed to me a pastiche of past collections. I am not a fan of Galliano. My favourites were Valentino and Givenchy (without the fur).

G.G. said...

For me, Valentino won this "Project Runway: Couture Edition" challenge :P

coco said...

hahahah its so funny how we have both done black for our returing post
and i almost called mine back to black too
im glad ur back cos ive missed your blog loads

Carolina Lange said...

I love black dresses! That Valentino dress is amazing!

Geisha said...

Gaultier and Valentino were the winners for me- they were just so sophisicated! And I'm glad you're back :)

Bella said...

I love black...not in creepy gothy way...but its such a staple...i feel as if it trascends decades and seasons w/ ease...that was really deep heheh

The Stiletto Effect said...

i love these dresses, they are amazing (specially in black)

miss *ann said...

givenchi. niiiiice. i really like it this season.

Mariana :) said...

Welcome back!
I missed you...

Deangrad Nietu Pomelo said...

Hello hello! It’s great to have you back, we've missed you

Anonymous said...