The Überchic Awards: Television

It is time for The First Annual Überchic Awards. Yes and since I personally love voting for everything, everyone can vote! Of course all the nominees are chosen in a totally subjective manner by me. In this post you can vote for nominees in the TV Category.

Überchic TV Show
This season my favorite shows are also the best dressed. Pushing Daisies takes place in a fantasy world and the wardrobe is just as imaginative with fifties New Look silhouette dresses next to 60’s groovy prints. This century’s Dynasty is Dirty Sexy Money and the luxurious outfits are as delicious as this new drama. The funniest show on television is Ugly Betty but the employees at Mode know that fashion is no joke (unless Betty is wearing it). Everybody’s favorite it-show is Gossip Girl with the best fashion this side of Manhattan – the Upper East Side, of course.

Uberchic TV Show
Pushing Daisies: Retro Style
Dirty Sexy Money: Darling Opulence
Ugly Betty: Mode Wardrobe
Gossip Girl: It Girl Glamour
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Best Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl said it best: “we all know one nation can’t have two queens” so who deserves the crown?

Best Gossip Girl
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Überchic Guest Star
Fashionable guest stars were all the rage but which one left you wanting more?

Uberchic Guest Star
Sarah Jessica Parker on Project Runway
Victoria Beckham on Ugly Betty
Rachel Bilson on Chuck
Grandpa Gilmore on Grey's Anatomy
Mary Kate Olsen on Weeds
Vera Wang on Ugly Betty
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Thanks for voting and remember to come back for more categories.



WendyB said...

If I haven't seen any of the shows, can I vote anyway?

Cris Lazoru said...

Hehe of course that's what the pics are for. : )


la petite fashionista said...

im glad im not the only one obsessed with gossip girls! it's definitely my guilty pleasure..

atelier said...

All this time I was missing Sex and the City glamour, and Gossip Girl has recovered it in same different way

Elisabeth said...

I love Ugly Betty (don't get to watch any of the other shows, sadly!) Amanda wears some gorgeous outfits

Bojana said...

Wooohoo you featured Gossip Girl!!!

Haha I'm obsessed :D

Blair wins it for me. That marc by Marc Jacobs dress she's wearing is niiice

Bojana said...

Oh and that pushing daisies show seems great, I love the fashion!! I'll have to try to find it somewhere on the internet

Carolina Lange said...

Serena is the best gossip girl! Love her style! And the best guest is SJP!

Mer said...

Oh want to see the results! :-)

coco said...

oooooooooo great idea
it wont let me vote for ugly betty as my fave tv show though
gossip girl is a close second hahaha
x x x x

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Gossip Girl!

I was a religious watcher until I had a thousand other things to do on Wed. So now I am going to be forced to rent the whole season....



-S said...

I loved dirty sexy money in the beginning, but i am getting a little tired of it.

Anonymous said...

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