The Überchic Awards: Magazine & Ads

And the nominees continue for The First Annual Überchic Awards. Today vote for the best in magazines, ads and ads for magazines.

Best Cover

Best Cover
Vogue's Supermodel Extravaganza
House And Garden's Rose Chloe Sevigny
French Vogue's Leopard Happy Cover
Nylon's Fashion Renegade Mary Kate
Numero's Futuristic Shoot
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Best Wig

Best Wig
Mischa Barton for French Elle
Mary Kate for Harper's Bazaar
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Best Celebrity Ad

Best Celebrity Ad
Selma Blair for Gap
Scarlett Johansson for Louis Vuitton
Will Arnett and Amy Poehler for Gap
Catherine Deneuve for Louis Vuitton
Angelina Jolie for St. John
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Best Model Ad

Best Model Ad
Coco Rocha for Balenciaga
Jessica Stam for Dior
Gisele Bundchen for YSL
Jessica Stam for DKNY
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Best Point of Passion Ad
Point of Passion is the ad campaign launched by Condé Nast Publications. It features people from the industry who capture the spirit of their 27 magazine. These are the best, in my opinion.

Best Point of Passion Ad
Mary-Louise Parker for The New Yorker
Patrick Dempsey for Details
Natalia Vodianova and son Viktor for Vogue
Diane Von Furstenberg for Vanity Fair
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That’s it for today. Oh, and it appears the Überchic TV Show poll was faulty but it now has been fixed so don’t forget to vote!



la Belle et la Bête said...

I loved the Louis Vuitton ads featuring Catherine Deneuve. The photos where gorgeous

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Best Cover: Nylon;;..
Best Wig: MK but Mischa was close!;;..
Best Ad: Selma Blair;;..
Best Model Ad: Dior;;..
Point of Passion: Patrick;;..


Vintage Bunny said...

I loved the supermodel spread in vogue!

LML said...

oh i cant wait for the ballots to be in!!!
awesome idea :)

Elisabeth said...

Oooh; so many pretty pictures!

I adore Mischa's wig - she exudes such glamour in it.

And Jolie for the ad; I have such a ridiculous girl-crush on her*

*I wish I were more original...

Trendini said...

Cris! This is such a fantabulous idea! I enjoyed voting but also seeing all the contenders gives you a great year in review :)

The Seeker said...

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Juliet said...

great catches.

juliet xxx

atelier said...

I love the Gisele ad for YSL. I have the Vogue Supermodels Cover and I think it was quite complete inside, and the cover one of the best I have seen lately. Great choices.

discothequechic said...

I was so excited to have a peek into Ms sevigny's home.

..and that green wallpaper! pheww.

I thought Coco Rocha was certainly a model of the year (but also last year) although those Yves Saint Laurent adverts were absolutely fantastic, something so refreshing and right about them!

coco said...

great ideas
funnily all the ones i voted for apart from the last one were the most popular
i love mk's wig!

Héloïse J. said...

YSL ads were really fab!

Asian Models Blogger said...

Love, love, love your poll concept.

Am having so much fun going through them. Brilliant.

Carolina Lange said...

Wow! Great post idea! Loved it!
The best wig is MK's, she looks so great with red hair!
And Gisele for YSL is fabulous!

M said...

love the polls! great idea, but gossip girl is a sure winner for probably every category you put them in! but, ugly betty in my books is a very very close second! Keep up thee great posts in the new year hun!

Anonymous said...

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