Look Of The Week: By The Sea

By the sea, Mr. Todd, that's the life I covet,
By the sea, Mr. Todd, ooh, I know you'd love it!

By the sea,
With the fishies splashing!

By the sea!
Wouldn't that be smashing?

By the seaside,
Hoo, hoo!

By the beautiful sea . . .



The Socialite said...

woo-hoo. Fun in the sun is allll I'm after this weekend! Fun post! ;)

Pamy Rangel said...

Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
y para poner las fotos grandes las subo primero a photobucket, y luego solo copio el código :)

Kristin said...

I super heart seaside chic! Loving that Topshop dress!

dapper kid said...

Both of those dresses are fabulous, and I do love the TopShop sandals :)

VF said...

What a clever idea to mix chanel resort with sweeney todd! your choices are lovely

Mimi said...

I am loving the Nautical theme! I am obsessed with anchors, I just bought two anchor necklaces and earrings :)

Adore the pics of Helena Bonahm Carter and Johnny Depp [♥] in Sweeny Todd


P. S. I would prefer to watch a show with Jonah Hill than to sit down and actually watch the Hills, I hate that show it's so superficial and annoying. I would rather watch the view [eww] than the Hills lol

iñaki said...

You're a legend, buddy.
Love that film, and love the stripy look for the summer. Specially if Chanel does it.


Marian said...

Personally i love this post as i like nothing more than being by the sea! love those marine and nautical looks.
muah x

WendyB said...

Love those striped wedges.

|ME said...

Love the marina look!


Sunniva said...

Oh how I long to be by the seaside right now! Thankfully, visiting your blog and seeing this post makes almost feel like I'm there :) I adore all the beautiful pieces you have chosen xoxo

E said...

Mmm..these make me wish I was by the sea!

Penelope said...

Love the Alex Monroe necklace and the cute Topshop tee!

I LOVE those big floppy hats! Wished I could pull them off though:S No thanks to my short, shoulder length hair!

Maria said...

Oh! Sooo lovely outfit! A parisienne look!

Susanna-Cole said...

The nautical is always great, especially for summer! :)


Vern P said...

sea + stipes = fab!

je ne sais quoi said...


Daisy said...

Oh i lvoe it all! I really need to get to the sea!

Anonymous said...

OoOOOoo I love how you snuck those zebra striped heels into the nautical spread.


It totally works!