Ashley Olsen: Greatest Hits

Yes! It's time to give darling Ashley Olsen the greatest hits treatment. I must admit I was an Olsen Twin fan even before they were fashion icons. Yes I own all their around the world movies and like them! And I always liked Ashley a little (very little) bit more than Mary Kate because she is more classic. I adore the huge shades, the huge bags, the crazy scarfs, the little Dior Homme jackets and the leggings worn like actual trousers. Nobody can pull that look but the Olsens. And I love that they are always drinking Starbucks! So now some of my favorite Ashley looks (specially everyday clothes) and stay tuned for MK's greatest hits.



Emma said...

Ah, Ash. I don't love either twin, but I like her style a bit better.

Jennifer said...

ashley has the best style,she's really trying to look grown up ans she's pulling it off seems like she can't do anything wrong fashion wise.

coco said...

you really are spoling us with fashion goodness
i dont think she can ever have a moment where she doesnt look totally chic
i love her, by far the better twin (although i also love MK)
your blog keeps getting better and better x x x

Iheartfashion said...

From "Full House" to fashion icons: what a bizarre trajectory! Love the Prada demi-turban and the tall black boots. Ashley is a bit more polished/less bag lady than MK, but they both have style!

The Stiletto Effect said...

Love these girls! They are really style icons :)

laura emily said...

i love ashley! some fab looks here.

Anonymous said...

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